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From our initial concept meeting and advice through to pre-launch insights and innovative marketing approaches, the Stean Nicholls Projects team’s intricate planning, advice and hands on approach provide you with the best results possible.

First Stage

Insight and Advice

Stean Nicholls Projects experience’s first-hand the key trends of local and global markets. Continually meeting owner occupier’s and investors every month, we know your buyer, inside out. With this insight and knowledge, planning is key to our approach and with adequate forecasting, we can add hundreds of thousands in revenue to your development.


Once we know your targets, our value-added initiatives make money, save time and reduce stress. We can deliver your project months prior to forecasted completion dates. Ensuring the presentation of your project is right is our priority, and is key to providing the perfect launching pad, assuring immediate traction with any potential buyers.

Your Briefing

Getting both your product and the pricing right results in reduced days on market and allows you to quickly roll funding into your next opportunity. Your input is important to us, and highlighting the unique features of your project will ensure everyone at Stean Nicholls Projects is ‘on board’ prior to any launch.


Second Stage

Stean Nicholls Projects innovative sales and marketing approach is second to none. From the compelling power of our databases to a hands-on team, our marketing approach provides real benefits. Selling ‘Off The Plan’ projects requires a specific set of skills that we have developed to meticulously handle the sales of each development. Stean Nicholls Projects sole focus is on this.

Prominent branding

Our highly visible brand attracts 1,500 internet visits a month, producing an average of 63 new buyer enquires a month across a range of our projects, land releases and individual properties. Our exclusive property showcase positioning also diverts traffic to your property from,, and

Weekly contact with the market

The constantly evolving EDM’s (electronic direct messages) and text messages ensure that we can reach out to buyers at each crucial stage of a project’s launch. These highly cost effective marketing initiatives promote trust from the buying public through frequency of contact. A number of early stages are achieved through this one initiative alone.

Up to date Database

Prior to your marketing campaign commencing, we use our meticulously maintained database. We send out direct invites to our ‘exclusive buyers’ list, this helps to ensure a vast majority of purchasers are prequalified.

Marketing Rollout

With our planning insights, we strategically roll out a print media and/or internet based strategy. Our highly structured ‘Sneak Peak’, ‘Coming soon’ and ‘Grand Launch’ strategies are designed to maximize exposure and sale rate while minimizing your initial marketing investment. 

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